Let's Make Some Memories!

Photography has become a passion of mine, and the joy I get from it comes from my clients! I love showcasing you in your element!

I'm here to make your photoshoot a fun and memorable experience. To capture all of the emotion and personality that define my clients as individuals and as couples! I want to celebrate the special and even most ordinary moments of your life and memorialize them for years to come!

Story Behind the Camera

I always considered myself a creatively driven person, yet my educational and professional path led me into a career in accounting, through which I obtained my CPA license. I have since felt like I was missing the creativity I needed to express myself from my career as a CPA. It wasn't until 2018 that I discovered my love for photography when my husband and I moved to Sydney, Australia. I had invested in my first DSLR camera to capture this adventure in our first year as a married couple. It was then that I began teaching myself how to shoot in manual mode and edit my images. When we returned from Australia I set my camera down. I didn't feel like there was anything exciting for me to shoot anymore now that our travels had ended. That was until we got our dog Bondi.

My passion for photography was rekindled when I started an Instagram for our dog and began capturing our adventures with him. I had a sweet and handsome model at my disposal, and one that couldn't talk back and refuse like my husband! Ha! I started bringing my camera with us almost everywhere and got back into editing in search for my style.

For awhile it was just a personal hobby, an outlet from work. Until my cousin and his wife asked for a couples session they could use for their Christmas card. I had so much fun working with them and the joy I felt when I delivered their gallery was what sparked this venture! And I can't wait to see where it takes me!


Ale & Ron

"We had a great time shooting with Alex! Both my husband and I are super awkward in front of the camera, but we always wish we had more cute pictures of us. Alex was AMAZING at guiding us on how to position ourselves in a way where the photos still looked natural and fun. We love how they all came out! Definitely will be hiring Alex in the future. Thank you Alex! You're the best!"

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